The 7dayArt Guidebook

The Guidebook is an online resource, accessible by subscription, that shares the experiences from our pilot seasons. It outlines a step-by-step plan your team can use to host a successful 7dayArt Challenge.  Topics include:

  • The team
  • Prayer
  • Church leadership buy-in
  • Choice of operating model
  • Prizes/expenses/financing
  • Sponsors
  • Exhibit venue
  • Publicity
  • Rules
  • Schedule
  • Verse selection
  • Verse assignment event
  • Turn-in event
  • Jury selection & managment
  • Awards event
  • Preparing for next season

 While the Guidebook is written from the perspective of a church, any organization may adapt the techniques and have an amazing competition.

Sample/Template Resources

Your subscription will also include downloadable items including:

  • Sample Rules
  • Sample Press Release
  • Call for Entries
  • Flyer, "In a Nutshell" 
  • Verse Assignment Document with Tips and Hardware Requirements
  • Turn-In Form with Permission Release
  • Judging Form
  • Poster Art
  • Logo Pack with Branding Guidelines
With the "Active" subscription, we will customize these templates for your organization.

Subscription membership and permission to use content is for one organizer working under the auspices of one organization for as many events as desired in the same physical location (site of exhibit) with the same organizing team for one year.

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